“Eva is a dedicated, thorough, and inspiring teacher. She is skilled in engaging students, from the least to the most experienced, in a fun and creative way that instills confidence and enthusiasm. Eva is always prepared and is extremely knowledgable. Her personality and her expertise draw people to her, making her a much sought after instructor.”–Polly Tapia Ferber, professor and musician, Santa Fe University, Santa Fe, NM

“Eva Salina is a an extraordinarily perceptive, supportive, and generous teacher. Whether in a group setting or one on one, Eva gives you the space to be creative while learning. A scholar of many vocal folk traditions, Eva encourages you to develop your own voice while remaining true to the source.”–Anne Harrison, co-director and founding member, Slaveya, Washington, DC

“Eva is one of those rare teachers that you call ‘an inspiration’. She is incredibly knowledgable and passionate, as well as clear, direct, and effective. We look forward to every opportunity to be able to study with Eva, someone through whom the folk traditions stay vital and alive.”–Megan Danforth, Creative Director, Rogue World Ensemble, Ashland, OR

“Eva’s teaching provides encouragement and support in equal measure with thorough vocal technique and development. Eva’s vocal instruction is remarkable and unique in its focus. As a person who was not raised singing in many of the styles of music she teaches, she is adept at giving students the tools to access and achieve an authentic sound, regardless of their musical background. Intelligent and thoughtful, with warmth, wit and humor, Eva keeps her students engaged and inspired.”–Nora Lyman, CA

Learning from Eva is an experience like non-other. What makes her teaching so unique is her ability to break down, explore, and explain the material to a student of any age or background. Her vast knowledge, as well as cultural understanding, provides students with the strong foundation necessary for singing traditional music. “–Camille Holmes, CA

“Eva is continuously inspiring to me. I love her expressive performance and her dynamic teaching. Having traveled several times to go to her workshops and take private lessons I can say that Eva is incredibly generous with her extensive knowledge of Balkan music and of singing in general. Her classes are tightly facilitated and she conveys a great deal of information in a very efficient and energetic way. Eva is a beautiful musician and a total joy to learn from.” — Valerie Holt, Singer, Seattle, WA

“I loved having Eva work with my Chamber Singers. She not only was a beautiful voice modeler, but she gave my singers specific and effective tools for building an authentic Bulgarian sound. She is personable, delightfully raw, and clearly has unique expertise and passion for the Bulgarian folk tradition.” –Lindsay Pope, Director, Mt. Holyoke College Chamber Choir, Mt. Holyoke, MA

“I am so very grateful to Eva for everything she has offered my daughter as her singing instructor. I hardly know where to start. She made Balkan singing accessible, engaging and fun, with a unique understanding of the needs of young singers. Her instruction has emphasized technique, but also a real sensitivity to the music and the peoples of the Balkans. Beyond that, she instills a sense of confidence and assurance in her singers, which will serve them all through life. My daughter plans to pursue a career as a professional singer, in largest part due to her experience singing with Eva.”–Sommer Halligan

“As a fellow teacher and student of Eva’s, I can attest that her teaching abilities are exceptional. She is at once able to break down the intricacies of Balkan ornaments into their atomic parts while also providing a rich context for each song’s meaning and function. Her awareness of the ethics of singing traditional musics from elsewhere, her virtuosic mastery of various regional styles, and her patience with students make her a powerhouse teacher.”–Maria Sonevytsky, PhD.