Vintage Romani Songs, Re-envisioned.

JUST IN!  Eva Salina & Peter Stan are currently recording their duo album, to be released in very early 2016 on Eva’s VogitOn Records.  STAY TUNED.

LEMA LEMA: EVA SALINA SINGS ŠABAN BAJRAMOVIĆ. is out now on VOGITON RECORDS  and spent 23 Weeks on the CMJ New World & Jazz  Charts, peaking at #2!!

All Publicity Inquiries:
Devon Léger 206.557.4447

“La voix d’Eva a mûris comme un fruit divin prêt a être dévorer, un bon vin plein de soleil, un plaisir pour les oreilles.”–DJ Gaëtano Fabri

Recent European PRESS!
–> Czech publication Česky Rozhlas (9/19/16)
–> Review in Italian publication Osservatorio Balcani e Caucaso–Transeuropa (8/23/16)

–>Miljenko Jergović finds LEMA LEMA in Triumvirate Music Shop in Belgrade and writes this lovely article about it (and me) in the Croatian Jutarnji List (7/24/16)
–>In-depth interview with Aleksandar Roknić in Serbian newspaper DANAS (7/3/16)



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Physical and Digital also available from CDbaby.



  • 9/24: Eva Salina Solo at Brooklyn Americana Music Festival, Brooklyn Bridge Park, Brooklyn, NY.
  • 9/25: Eva Salina & Peter Stan at Crossroads Music Series, Philadelphia, PA.  With special guests from West Philadelphia Orchestra!
  • 10/14: Singing Workshop & Performance, Wesleyan University, Middletown, CT.
  • 10/23: Eva & Peter at Jalopy; Triple Bill with Sharq Attack and a wonderful band from Istanbul (to be announced soon).  Jalopy Theatre & School of Music, Red Hook, Brooklyn, NY.


Eva Salina featured on John Schaefer’s Soundcheck WNYC Weekly Music Round Up: 2/8/16.  Listen Below!


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  • 9/16: Eva Salina & Peter Stan at Jalopy 10th Anniversary Festival.
  • 9/13: Eva Salina & Peter Stan, Live at Penn Plaza.
  • 9/7: Eva Salina & Peter Stan at Bar Lunàtico, Brooklyn, NY.
  • 8/31: Eva Salina & Peter Stan at the Accordion Festival in Bryant Park, Manhattan, NY.
  • 8/15-21: Eva Salina COOKING at Folk Camp, Grafton, Ontario, Canada.
  • 8/13: Trunk Sale “Treasures from a Turkish Bath” at EEFC’s Balkan Camp, Rock Hill, NY.
  • 7/14-15: CALIFORNIA WORLDFEST, Grass Valley, CA
  • 7/15-17: WANDERLUST SQUAW VALLEY, Squaw Valley, CA
  • 7/20: RED POPPY ART HOUSE, San Francisco, CA
  • 7/21: DON QUIXOTE’S, 7:30pm Santa Cruz/Felton, CA
  • 7/22: MALABOMBA (w/ El Haru-Kuroi, DJ Savvy) Los Angeles, CA
  • 7/23: HI HAT (w/ Dorian Wood) Highland Park/LA, CA
  • 7/24: Romani Singing Workshop Culver City, LA, CA 
  • 7/24: Museum of Jurassic Technology, Culver City, LA, CA


8/7: Eva Salina & Peter Stan at Friendship Day Celebration, Downtown Brooklyn, NY

7/6: Eva Salina solo at Accordions Around the World, Bryant Park, Manhattan, NY. 6pm.

7/5: Eva Salina w/ Fraydele at Barbes, Brooklyn, NY. 7pm.

6/29: Eva Salina Solo at the Accordion Picnic! –opening of Accordions Around the World, Bryant Park, Manhattan, NY.  6-8pm.

6/25: Eva Salina & Peter Stan at Jalopy International Music Festival, Jalopy Theatre, Red Hook, Brooklyn, NY.

6/24: Jalopy Chorus at Jalopy International Music Festival, Jalopy Theatre, Red Hook, Brooklyn, NY.

6/17-19: Eva Salina at Wanderlust Stratton, VT.

6/11: Eva Salina at MIKSER Festival, Belgrade, Serbia.  Appearing as featured vocalist with Crne Mambe.

5/28: Eva Salina solo at Troubadour of Brooklyn at the Frost Theatre, Brooklyn, NY.

5/22: Singing Workshop with Eva Salina, Kingston, NY.

5/21: Eva Salina with Choban Elektrik at the Balkan Wassail, Stone Ridge, NY.

5/18: Eva Salina solo at Roots n Ruckus, Jalopy, Brooklyn, NY.

5/14: Eva Salina solo at Ali Dineen’s Ladies’ Night, The Owl Music Parlor, Brooklyn, NY.

5/7: Eva Salina sings Šaban Bajramović, Mikser House, Belgrade, Serbia

4/29: OneBeat Istanbul final concert at Enerji Müsezi santralistanbul, Bilgi Universitesi, Istanbul

4/2: Jalopy Presents at the Music Inn: Eva Salina (solo)/Spirit Family Reunion/Meredith Axelrod.

3/27: Eva Salina & Peter Stan at Sisters BKLYN.

3/25: Chorus Night: Yale Women’s Slavic Chorus and the Jalopy Chorus, Jalopy, Brooklyn, NY.  

3/24: Debut Performance of Fraydele at NY Klezmer Series, Jalopy, Brooklyn, NY. 

3/19: Eva Salina Balkan Songs Workshop: Repertoire and Technique.  Kingston, NY.

3/16: Eva Salina & Peter Stan at Roots n Ruckus, Jalopy, Brooklyn, NY.

3/10/16 (Thurs): Eva Salina & Peter Stan at Bard Hall, Bard College 

3/4/16 (Fri): Eva Salina & Peter Stan at Jalopy Presents: Free Music Fridays at the American Folk Art Museum.  

3/3/16 (Thurs): Eva Salina & Peter Stan at Barbès, Brooklyn. 

2/17/16 (Weds): EVA SALINA solo at Roots n Ruckus. 

2/2/16: Eva Salina & Peter Stan at Bar LunÀtico, Brooklyn, NY.  

1/17/16: EEFC/DROM Golden Fest Afterparty, DROM, NYC.

1/16/16: Zlatne Uste’s Golden Festival, Brooklyn, NY

1/16/16: APAP Showcase.  NY Midtown Hilton.

1/13/16: Album launch at Jalopy Theatre.  Brooklyn, NY.