Pre-Order the ŠABAN Record!!!

Eva is currently finishing a full-length studio record, a tribute to legendary Serbian Romani singer Šaban Bajramović. $25 or more gets you a SIGNED ADVANCED COPY of the record! We are aiming to sell 500 copies, so please SPREAD THE WORD!!!

There’s a new record in the making… one that we hope will be BECOME an INTERNATIONAL DANCE SENSATION while simultaneously PAYING OUR RESPECTS to the legendary Šaban Bajramović!!!

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If you’d like to contribute in another manner, and/or to make a larger, tax-deductible contribution to the project, please send an email to info at evasalina dot com. THANK YOU ALL!!!!!

Eva’s upcoming recording is a tribute to Šaban Bajramović, the legendary Romani singer and composer from Southern Serbia who passed away in 2008. The record features Šaban’s songs, transformed by a capable and imaginative group of world-class musicians, and breaks free of genre, incorporating different forms of contemporary dance music while saluting and honoring one of Romani music’s all-time greatest voices.

The commanding, luscious voice of Eva Salina brings a distinctive new sound to a historically masculine repertoire. Her translation of Šaban’s songs is supported by many bright lights and co-conspirators, including Ekrem Mamutovic, John Carlson, Frank London, Patrick Farrell, Peter Stan, Ron Caswell, Danny Blume, Cerim Becirovic, Brandon Seabrook, Chris Stromquist, Valson Mamutovic, Deep Singh, Mathias Kunzli, Seido Salifoski, and Enis Alimanovski.

This project, while deeply rooted in love and respect for Balkan Romani music, takes an energetic and refreshing departure from traditionalism. These courageous, witty, hard-hitting musicians bring distinct musical personalities and lifetimes of diverse musical experience to the recording, forming a new and exciting sound.

bookevasalina at gmail dot com for more information. media coming soon.

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